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Pathway to Excellence Program Fees

Fees apply to all health care organizations including long term care institutions. Fees are subject to change.

OnlineApplication Fee - $2500 (Includes Membership to the Pathway Learning Community)
Due with the electronic application.

Appraisal Process Fee
The invoice is mailed approximately 2 weeks before document submission is due. Invoice payment is due within 30 days of receipt.

Fees based on the number of licensed beds or visits per year.

acute & long term care organizations ambulatorY & independent outpatient**
NUMBER OF LICENSED BEDS 2017 FEEs (4 Year Designation)
< 50 $15,000 Fees are charged by the Number of Visits and for Additional Branches

Please contact for further fee information
50-100 $20,000
101-199 $25,000
200-299 $30,000
300-399 $36,000
400-499 $43,500
500-599 $48,000
600-699 $53,000
700+ $53,000 + $45
per additional bed


Extension Fee: $1,000.00
Due if/when an organization requests an extension prior to 30 days of the approved document submission date. (Extensions granted for 6 months or greater - must re-apply)

Appraisal Preparation Cancellation Fee: $2,000.00
Due if/when an organization requests an extension within 30 days of the approved document submission date.

Additional Information Fee: $700.00
Due if/when ANCC requests additional documents for clarification.

Nurse Survey Translation Fee: $1,000.00
Due if/when an organization requests translation of Pathway Nurse Survey.

Interim Reporting Fee: $1,200.00
One-Time Fee (4 Year Designation)

International Organizations:
Documents must be submitted in English. Organizations outside of the US needing translation of the nurse survey must contact the Pathway Program Office immediately to discuss additional fees.

Payment Terms
All fees must be paid by check and mailed to:

ANCC Pathway
P.O. Box 505012
St. Louis, MO 63150-5012

For express delivery, mail to:

Bank of America Lockbox Services, 505012
800 Market Street
St. Louis, MO 63101

Last updated: 6/7/2016