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Pathway to Excellence Program Fees

Fees apply to all health care organizations including long term care institutions. Fees are subject to change.

International organizations:
Documents must be submitted in English. Organizations outside of the US needing translation of the nurse survey must contact the Pathway Program Office immediately to discuss additional fees.

Application Fee - $2500 (Includes Membership to the Pathway Learning Community)
Due with the electronic application.

Document Submission Fee
The invoice is mailed approximately 2 weeks before document submission is due. Invoice payment is due within 30 days of receipt.

Fees based on the number of licensed beds or visits per year.

acute & long term care organizations ambulatorY & independent outpatient**
NUMBER OF LICENSED BEDS 2017 FEEs (4 Year Designation)
< 50 $15,000 Fees are charged by the Number of Visits and for Additional Branches

Please contact for further fee information
50-100 $20,000
101-199 $25,000
200-299 $30,000
300-399 $36,000
400-499 $43,500
500-599 $48,000
600-699 $53,000
700+ $53,000 + $45
per additional bed


Extension Fee: $1000.00
Due if/when an organization requests an extension prior to 30 days of the approved document submission date.(Extensions granted for 6 months or greater - must re-apply)

Appraisal Preparation Cancellation Fee: $2000.00
Due if/when an organization requests an extension within 30 days of the approved document submission date.

Additional Information Fee: $700.00
Due if/when ANCC requests additional documents for clarification.

Interim Reporting Fee:$1200.00
One-Time Fee (4 Year Designation)

Payment Terms

All fees must be paid by check and mailed to:

ANCC Pathway
P.O. Box 505012
St. Louis, MO 63150-5012

For express delivery, mail to:

Bank of America Lockbox Services, 505012
800 Market Street
St. Louis, MO 63101

Last updated: 6/7/2016