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Content Expert Position Descriptions

Appraisers are experts in the specialty field who serve as external evaluators of content and supporting materials to validate that applicants meet the portfolio specifications for their specialty.

Content Expert Panels (CEP)
Each CEP provides ongoing review and development of test content outlines (TCO) for exams required for certification and assessment-based certificate subject matter. The CEP constructs exams in accordance with the TCOs. For certification exams, the CEP participates in role delineation studies (practice analysis) once every three years. Assessment-based certificate program exams are based on the course content, learning objectives and the TCO.

Item Writers
Item writers contribute questions and answers that appear on ANCC certification or assessment-based certificate exams.

External Validation Committee
Review proposed performance domains, tasks, associated knowledge and/or skills, and rating scales developed through the practice analysis by completing an online survey. The survey should take no longer than 3 hours to complete.

Standard Setting Panels
ANCC conducts standard setting studies for each new certification developed. Panelists are selected from the CER and trained to make collective judgments about the complexity of the certification to set the passing score.