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Success Pays™

Success Pays Contest

Get and keep more nurses certified with no financial risk!

Help nurses achieve certification! Reduce nurses’ test-taking anxiety and eliminate financial barriers with the ANCC Success Pays program.

Success Pays now includes certification by exam, certification through portfolio, certification renewal, and the retired certified nurse recognition program. Nurses are given two opportunities to achieve certification, and you only pay for the ones who pass!

Easy as 1-2-3

1. Your hospital contracts to provide at least 20 eligible nurses to pursue certification by exam or certification through portfolio. There is no minimum or maximum number for certification renewals.

  • ANCC gives your hospital a unique code, which you distribute to nurses.
  • Individual nurses use the code in place of traditional payment methods to apply for one of 25+ ANCC nursing certifications.

2. The nurse takes the test, submits a portfolio, or completes renewal requirements.

  • When a nurse passes, a fee for the exam, portfolio, or renewal appears on a monthly invoice to your hospital.
  • If a nurse fails the first time, one retest or resubmission is available at no additional cost.
  • If a nurse fails the retest or resubmission, your hospital is not charged.

3. Your organization increases its number of board certified nurses, with no financial risk!

Contact ANCC at today to get and keep more nurses certified for less.