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Preceptor Bank

The ANCC Preceptor Bank links eligible APRNs with students needing their services. This new tool for nursing students and universities identifies APRNs available to serve as preceptors needed for graduate school clinicals.

APRNs who join the Preceptor Bank directory provide a vital service to shape the future of nursing by teaching students and increasing their exposure to the latest practice-based research. Participating APRNS may be eligible to earn professional development hours for certification renewal.

Join the Preceptor Bank

To join the Preceptor Bank, please send your curriculum vitae, Preceptor Bank applicant form, and a completed release of liability to

How to Access the Preceptor Bank

All universities in the Certification Eligibility Curriculum Review Program (CECRP) can access the Preceptor Bank for free, one of the many benefits of CECRP acceptance.

ANCC cannot guarantee an immediate match with a preceptor or the qualifications or experience of said preceptor.