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How to Celebrate

Become a success story by using proven strategies and convenient tools to garner visibility and gratitude for the certified nurses in your work place and community.

Celebration Action Plan

Themes: Professionalism, Excellence, Recognition, and Service.

Employers: Provide public recognition among colleagues and patients

  • Issue a press release to local news outlets (newspapers, radio, television)
  • Create a nursing honor roll of board certified nurses. Post in your facility and other public venues.
  • Place display ads in newspapers, community newsletters, etc. featuring the nursing honor roll.
  • Send a letter of appreciation to each certified nurse in your facility or department
  • Invite certified nurses to lead a certification drive within your facility.
  • Sponsor a banquet, tea, or luncheon for certified nurses only.
  • Offer gifts, gift certificates, or special bonuses to certified nurses only.
  • Provide ribbons and buttons to all certified nurses.
  • Display signage throughout facility to show support for Certified Nurses Day™.

Certified Nurses: Provide public service to colleagues and patients

  • Ask your employer to sponsor education presentations for colleagues about your specialty.
  • Deliver presentations at retirement homes, schools, businesses, and other environments where your knowledge and experience will benefit the community.
  • Organize a fundraiser such as a healthy breakfast or car wash and donate monies to needy populations or the Margretta Styles Fund for Credentialing Research.
  • Design a mentoring program for nurses to share the value of certification, education opportunities, career planning, maintaining morale, and motivation, and dealing with challenges.
  • Spread the word! Ensure Certified Nurses Day™ is recognized by the media in your community, by employers, and by your fellow certified nurses.