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Accreditation Program Appraisers

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ANCC seeks experienced nursing leaders and educators to evaluate accreditation applicants. Appraisers are compensated for each completed organizational review. No travel is required.


  • Play a dynamic role in the accreditation of organizations and nursing education programs
  • Enhance your curriculum vitae
  • Collaborate with your colleagues nationwide
  • Be a leader that shapes the future of accredited education for healthcare practitioners

Current Opportunities
Read qualifications at right, then select your opportunity below. Applicants must be in active practice. To apply, download and submit an application.

Opportunity Application to download email to
Practice Transition Accreditation Program™
Appraiser: Team Member
PTAP Accreditation Appraiser Application [pdf]
We are currently unable to accept applications for PTAP Appraisers until further notice.
Primary Accreditation Appraiser: Team Member Application for Accreditation Appraiser [doc]
We are currently unable to accept applications for Primary Accreditation Appraisers until further notice.
Accreditation Team


Primary Accreditation: Email
Practice Transition Accreditation: Email